6 Headboard Design Inspiration to Make the Bedroom Appear Charming

Headboard (a board that is located at the head of the bed) will look special if it is decorated properly. Being a room as a relaxing center, the bedroom must give the impression of comfort but does not eliminate the charming and luxurious appearance. To get this, one of them is by choosing the headboard design with the style to be carried. However, this section becomes a focal point that can change the vibrations of the bedroom instantly.

headboard design

Well, here are 7 inspirational headboard designs that you can follow to make your bedroom look even more charming. Do you want to make it more comfortable or add a serious color ?.

Flower Headboard
Getting a strange look but gives a romantic impression. Headboard with 3d flower accents will turn your bedroom into a fantasy garden. You can make it with some paper flowers on the head of the bed glued together with a thin ribbon and also wire flowers.

Camouflage Headboard
Covering the walls, headboard, and bedsheets in the same cloth is one of the decorations that unites a small room. No one would have thought if there was a headboard because it used the same color or cover as the wall. This headboard design is perfect for you who don’t want to have a protruding board.

Headboard Book
Have a lot of books that are outdated or not read ?. Turn the books into a very aesthetic bed board. Nailing old books from thrift stores up to the height of the bed boards will usually look very aesthetic and unique. To secure a loose page, tape using double-sided tape.

Headboard Rainbow
The headboard of the rainbow mirror is perfect for those who want to add a little color to their bedroom. With the use of this board will make all eyes directed directly to the middle of a color like a rainbow.

Antique Headboard
Giving a very antique vintage touch from a pillar or door leaf is a headboard design that can be used. Antique but still looks luxurious, to keep giving the impression of a modern don’t forget to choose a bed and other furniture by relying on a modern minimalist impression.

Headboard Book Rack
Paneled headboard design that has two cabinets or rack can function as an empty to fill your favorite hardback. Decorate the rack with a few favorite books, adorable little succulents or other decorations.

That is the inspiration for the design of the headboard or the board above the bed that will make your bedroom look more charming and make everyone jealous. Take some of the ideas above by adjusting the bedroom design style that you will use. has a bedroom with a charming appearance but does not eliminate the impression of comfort would be everyone’s dream right ?. Seeing some of the inspirational ideas above will surely keep your creative ideas flowing. Hopefully, the above article can help you find the right inspiration to decorate your bedroom decor.