Consider these 7 things when designing a house plan

Before you choose one of the house plans that you want to choose, you should consider a few important things that will certainly affect the decision on the design of the most appropriate home and suitable to be applied in your home.


1. Homestyle
The first thing that you should consider before actually planning the type of house plan . If your house will be built in a minimalist style, then choose a type of floor plan for a minimalist home too. If your home is designed in a Mediterranean style, also choose a house plan that is in harmony with the overall style of your home.

2. Number of bedrooms
Know exactly how many bedrooms you will need for your residence. Adjust the number of family members and the frequency of guests who stay overnight. If you have two children who are growing up, of course, you will need at least three bedrooms. Not to mention if your house is often visited by close relatives to stay, it is a simple minimalist house plan with only two bedrooms that will not be adequate.

3. One level or two levels ?
Before planning a minimalist home plan, another thing you should consider is whether you want to make your home only one level, or two levels? If one level, you might need input from experts to be able to maximize every space in your home as possible. If two levels, you might be able to breathe a little relieved in planning a house plan because by making a terraced house, you will have more room to make a bedroom.

4. The existence of the main bedroom
This modern, a house that has one main bedroom (bedroom suite) is said to have a higher value than a house where all bedrooms are similarly designed. If you want to increase the value of your home, maybe a minimalist home floor plan that has one main bedroom is worth trying.

5. Bonus room
Some people argue that having an extra room has become a trend among the people. This additional room can be a room for washing, or a room for entertainment. But think carefully about whether you need the presence of a bonus room in your home or not, and whether the room will not make the house seem cramped. Do not just because you want a different room to play games, you have to sacrifice the comfort of doing other basic things.

6. The number of bathrooms
The bathroom is also a crucial area that you should think about when building a house. Of course, you don’t want to have to queue or scramble with your children to just take a shower in the morning because there is only one bathroom in your home? Think carefully about how many bathrooms you will need, and place them in strategic places, which are close to the bedroom.

7. Functionality
When you have determined how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and additional rooms your house will have that are being built, another thing you should also think about is how the rooms are placed between one another so that your house becomes functional. For example, the placement of a dining table with a kitchen. Maybe in some cases, some people want to place the dining table at a point, but it turns out that the point is quite far from the kitchen. This is considered not functional, because it would be very inconvenient to bring food from one place to another which is quite far away. So is the case with the placement of the bathroom and bedroom.