Top 8 Unique Super Creative Bathroom Designs!

The bathroom is a part of the house that generally has a smaller space but with an important role. On an average day, we use the bathroom more than 6 times and it’s usually done for 10 minutes. So during life, we spend a long time in the bathroom. This is what causes many people to give more effort into designing the bathroom that he has.

unique bathrooms

Not just comfort, but many who dare to experiment on bathroom designs to create many unique bathroom designs. It turns out that a unique bathroom can stimulate thinking creativity while in it.

Are you also interested in bringing a unique bathroom to your home? Come on, see the following 12 unique bathroom design inspirations that might be implemented in your home!

1. Unique Bathroom with Mosaics

Ceramic mosaic or stone arranged in mosaic may be familiar as bathroom decoration. But this will be unique if you arrange the mosaic to form certain patterns or images. This unique bathroom with wave mosaic tiles is an example.

Combining various types of ceramics and composing them with interesting shapes not only make your unique bathroom stand out but also more dynamic. Also try experimenting with various combinations of materials to create mosaic patterns such as natural stone, broken pieces of ceramics, to mirrors.

2. Unique Bathroom with Garden

The bathroom is usually made closed to maintain a sense of comfort and privacy. But this does not apply to unique bathrooms that are open and have this garden. By providing vegetation and open space, air circulation certainly makes your bathing activities more refreshing.

With a combination of natural stone, open space to a vertical garden or garden hanging, of course, you will get a different bathing experience in this unique bathroom.

3. Lotus Bathroom

If the open garden is still not unique? What if you present a bathroom in the middle of a lotus pond? By combining the lotus pond around the bathroom with wood material, you will get maximum peace while spending time relaxing in the bathroom.

For additional furniture, you can use minimalist furniture made from wood and also handicraft furniture with color tones that are close to or resembling earthy colors.

4. Unique Futuristic Bathroom

For modern dwellings, the futuristic unique bathroom concept might be suitable. Although it looks simple, a unique bathroom with a futuristic concept can make residential more elegant and luxurious, you know.

You can create futuristic nuances in your unique bathroom with dynamic corner games and monochrome colors. For furniture, use minimalist furniture with aerodynamic shapes to make the futuristic look more prominent.

5. Bathroom with Unique Colors

The bathroom is identical to pure white or other conventional colors. If you dare to experiment with colors, you can turn a simple bathroom into a unique bathroom with an outstanding design.

Applying dynamic colors like yellow, red, or bright green with an interesting pattern not only makes the bathroom more unique but also provides a different breath and a more lively atmosphere when bathing, you know! Pop-art decoration and decoration can also give a different color to your unique bathroom.

6. Bathroom Mirror

Mirror is one of the mandatory items that complete the function of the bathroom. But what if you use a mirror not only in the dressing area but in all parts of the bathroom? This not only gives a different feel when bathing but also makes your unique bathroom feel more spacious.

To perfect your unique full-mirror bathroom, use complementary furniture with metallic or reflective materials. Clean white color can also be the right choice as a compliment.

7. 3D Bathroom

Ever imagine the feeling of bathing in the middle of the ocean? You can make this happen without the need to spend money by building a house in the middle of the sea, you know! By applying the concept of 3D art you can provide real decoration as if you were in the middle of the ocean.

You can make it look like you are bathing in the middle of the ocean with fish swimming under your feet in this 3D bathroom. You can also create it by applying 3D concepts to the wall or other parts of your unique bathroom.

Avoid using large furniture to maximize the results of 3D art that you have.

8. Rooftop Bathroom

The bathroom does not always have to be in a closed room. As long as privacy can still be maintained, there’s no harm in making a bathroom with an open concept. By presenting a unique bathroom on the roof of the house that you have. Because of its height, of course, you can still get privacy while enjoying your time in the bathtub.

Especially if you are in an area with an interesting view or cityscape, a unique bathroom on the roof or rooftop can be an escape to find refreshing calm after a busy day.

If you are still worried about your privacy, you can add a little plant to shading with a wooden lattice or rooster on certain sides.

Although often considered a less important part than the main room such as a bedroom, playing with a bathroom design is proven to help bring the atmosphere of the house to life